Lilac: Chapter 2

 “Excuse me. I’m looking for Elizabeth Franklin,” Virginia said somewhat frantically as she approached the nurse’s station in the emergency room. 

“And you are?” the nurse questioned as she twisted her dark red hair. 

“Jane. You know me. We had homeroom together!”

“I’m sorry Ms. Violet but the only family can visit her under these circumstances.” Virginia rolled her bright brown eyes at Jane. 

“Jane — “ Virginia  argued

“Virginia!”  A man’s deep voice warmly interrupted.  His voice felt familiar. Virginia turned around and there he was. Virginia saw his blue eyes and long brown hair.  

“Will!” Virginia said as she ran over and wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him as he gently lifted her off the ground. “I’m so thankful you’re here!”

“Sure. Virginia let’s go,” he said to much of Jane’s dismay. They followed Jane in her teal scrubs to Elizabeth’s room.”

 “Me too,” he said as he set her down opened his arms, and stepped back to look at her. “I heard you were the one who found Elizabeth. Are you okay?” he asked.

“Me? Um…”  she said stumbling over her words. “I’m fine. It’s Elizabeth I’m worried about. And I can’t seem to get any information as to where she is in this darn hospital.” she said glaring over at Jane. I can’t believe he’s here. It’s been so long….” Virginia  thought

“Hey Will,” Jane said as she batted her long eyelashes at him.

Good Lord Virginia thought. You can remember his name but not mine?

“She’s in room 224 I can take YOU there if you’d like, Will,” Jane replied as she glared back at Virginia. 

“Sure. Virginia lets go,” he said too much of Jane’s dismay. They followed Jane in her teal scrubs to Elizabeth’s room.

“Here she is,” Jane said. Elizabeth laid in the hospital bed and was indeed fully awake. Elizabeth was 36 but looked more like 25 with her beautiful porcelain skin, jade green eye, and auburn hair. 

Thank goodness she’s awake! Virginia thought as she walked over to the far side of Elizabeth’s bed.   I can’t believe she has a black eye.  How did I not notice that before.

“Oh Will,” Elizabeth said as he bent over to hug her gently. “You didn’t have to come! I’m fine really.” 

“Those stitches on your head say otherwise.” Will replied.

“They are just stitches.  Nothing your big sister can’t handle,” she said brushing it off.

“Big sister or not I’m here and from what I hear they still haven’t caught whoever did this to you. And until we know more and this person is caught I will be staying here in Brighton.”  Elizabeth couldn’t help but roll her eyes. 

“It’s not like whoever did this was targeting you.  It was probably just a robbery gone wrong.” Will gave her a stern look. “But fine. Only for a few days,” Elizabeth replied.

“Harp, do you have any idea who did this to you?’ Virginia asked.

“Honestly, I don’t remember much.  I had just brought down some old photos from the attic that I wanted to have blown up for the Winter Ball.  I was sorting them out and then everything went dark.”

“Did you hear anyone come in?” Will asked.

“No, but I did have the back doors open for some fresh air.”

“Fresh air? It’s freezing outside and you know that’s not safe,” Will replied.

“Oh shush, our family home is safe!”

“Clearly not,” he muttered back.

“Regardless, we will figure out who did this to you,” Virginia chimed in.

“We? No, the police will! WE don’t need you to get hurt too.” Will said as Virginia looked at him perplexed. 

“Does he really think he can tell me what to do?” Virginia thought. “Good thing you I don’t answer to you!” Virginia replied back. 

“You haven’t changed! Still as stubborn as ever!” Will said.  

“Look who’s talking,”  she said back.

“Seems like you both arguing hasn’t changed much either,” Elizabeth pointed out.

“We aren’t arguing.” Virginia and Will said in unison.

“Well at least you both have that in common,” Elizabeth chuckled. “Please, both of you go back to the house and bring me some of my things.  I get the feeling I’m going to be here for a little while.”

“Okay, I’ll go and get you a few things,” Virginia replied

“We will go,” Will interrupted.  He then leaned over and kissed Elizabeth on the forehead. “And, Elizabeth please call me when the doctor comes back.  I wanna hear what he has to say.”

“Sure sure now go,” Elizabeth replied.  Virginia and Will finally agreed and left the room.

“So need a ride? I’m calling an Uber,” Will asked. “I won’t be getting a car until tomorrow.”

“Oh no don’t worry. I’m driving the Lilac van.

“Mind if I ride with you then?” he asked as they walked down the cold, sterile, blue and white hospital halls.

“Um. Oh yeah. I’m parked in the garage.” she said as she stumbled over her words. “I can’t believe this is happening.” She thought. “What are the odds he’d be back and I’d be here at the same time. I’m so glad he’s back.  I mean is that terrible that I’m happy he’s here? Because his sister is hurt? I shouldn’t be excited under these circumstances, but I can’t help but be happy that he’s here”

“Perfect! I’ll follow you there.”

“So what have you been up to lately?” she asked.

“Honestly, not too much. Spent some time traveling and seeing old friends, but I was actually thinking of moving back here,” he replied as they walked down the hall.

“So you’re telling me you’re moving back from LA to our little small town in Vermont?”

“Yeah, it’s looking that way…”

“Well why?” she pressed further.

“Honestly, I missed home, the people, my family, and I’m ready to build a life here.” 

“Did he just say build a life here,” Virginia thought. “Like does that maybe include a wife and kids? Okay… let’s not get ahead of ourselves now here. You don’t even know if he likes you.

“Ah well. That’s a good reason,” She replied as they walked across the indoor bridge to the garage.

“Virginia,” he said stopped in in his tracks.  She turned and faced him. He stood just inches away from her. 

“I’m really happy to see you. Despite everything going on.  I mean it.” he said as he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Oh..’ she replied. “ I’m happy to see you despite everything.”

“Good.” he said as he continued to walk to the van. 

“Um, that’s the van.” she said as she unlocked the car.

“Mind if I drive?” he asked

“Yes,” she replied as he started walking to the driver side. “I do mind. Get in the passenger seat.” she said laughing as he begrudgingly went to the passenger side. “Just because he’s cute does not mean he gets to drive.” she thought. But man is he a cute passenger.


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